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Saturday, September 17, 2011

girl  : your new girlfriend is pretty
  * i bet she stole your heart
boy : yeah, she is
  * but you're still the most beautiful girl i know
girl  : i heard she's funny and amazing
  * all the stuff i wasn't
boy : she sure is
  * but she's nothing compared you
girl  : i bet you know everything about her now
  * like how you knew just everything about me
boy : only the stuff that count
  * i can't remember what she says when i'm think of you
girl  : well, i hope you guys last
  * cause we never did
boy : i hope we do too
  * what happen to me and you?
girl  : well, i have to go
  *before i start to cry
boy : yeah, me too
  * i hope you don't cry
girl  : bye
  * i still love you
boy : bye
  * i never stopped

that's all for today..this is just a story..i hope u all like it..

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