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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


About 1 years ago when I first saw you , I thought you were nothing at all to me ! Then one day , you talked to me ! From there , we became friends . I thought nothing of our friendship , it was just like any other friendship that I had .
Then , I had the pleasure of being in all of your classes at college. We started to talk more and more there . When I was going through hard times , you were there to cheer me up . You were always there to give me advice when I needed it . As I got to know the "real you," I realized what a great person you are . You are nice to everyone you come in contact with , no matter who they are . You're also really smart , you always get good grades and do well in college . Not only are you weird on the inside , but you are definately weird outside as well . EVERYTHING about you is weird . It's complicated . When I realized all of this , my feelings about our friendship began to change .
I thought now that I love you . I love you with all of my heart , yet you have no idea . I wish I could tell you how much you truly mean to me , but I'm afraid that you don't feel the same way about me . My life will forever be incomplete without you . If you only knew how I felt about you , I wonder , would you be willing to make my life complete ?
This is dedicated to Mr.Pelik . I thought this is weird feeling that i've ever feel .
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